Monday, June 8, 2009

Dale Earnhardt Race Car Cake

Rob's Birthday 2009

Dale Earnhardt's race car

Chocolate fudge cake with plain white icing (colored black of course)

Cake details:
We bought the kit for this cake several years ago when we were visiting Dale Earnhardt Inc. in North Carolina. I came with the pan, and everything needed to make the cake including the edible images. This is the first time that I've worked with edible images, and was very happy with how well they applied to the cake. Because of the length of time we've been storing this I decided to discard the cake mix, and the original frosting pack that came with the set. It went together very well but requires a double batch of cake mix, and of course doing black icing always requires adding a lot of color. The balance would have been better if there had been a thicker layer of icing, or if I had torted the cake.

The first is from when I had just completed the cake, but I later realize I had forgotten the spoiler. The second is from the day of the party and includes the spoiler, but there is some bubbling in the edible images from drying out after completion... got to love the aridity of the desert.

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